"LA BELLE" premiere is a raving success!

The new production from IMAGO THEATRE "LA BELLE - Lost In the WORLD OF THE AUTOMATON" is a big hit in Portland Oregon.

It's all wow factor!
Lee Williams, The Oregonian

A triumph! A beauty of a Beauty…Surprising.. Delightful…Rare and Wonderful…you may well want to see it over and over again!
Marty Hughely, Oregon Arts Watch

Imago Theatre was founded in 1979 by Carol Triffle and Jerry Mouawad, Imago Theatre's original productions have toured internationally for over two decades. The universal nature of Imago's world has won audience and critical acclaim in tours across Asia, Europe, Canada and the U.S. Imago has been hailed by critics worldwide for their sophisticated, highly entertaining works for all ages.

The production of LA BELLE includes underneath listed original compositions from my music library:

Finding the Trap
Heaven and Feathers
Progressing Adventure
Orchestral Modulation
Gypsy Style - Hectic Mood

I'm honoured as a composer to be part of this marvelous and enchanting production!

Film Noir - Playing on the dark side

I recently created a Film-Noir like Jazz score for the short film "A Church of Cards" directed by Katelyn Thomas.

Katelyn Thomas is an American Film Director and producer. She won film awards for "A Church of Cards", while a film and television student at New York University's Tisch School of Arts.
The film was featured in NYU's Sight & Sound Showcase as one of the top twenty films in 2013.
The 50's Film-Noir style of music was quite a challange which I enjoyed working at.

Kate was very satisfied wis the score.
Here are her own words as to the final score:

Pedro, Just wanted to tell you that I finally got to listen to a mix of the music and it sounds so good!!! Amazing job!!!

Check out the main songs from the score:


The alto saxophone and the flute you hear on those recordings were played and recorded live by myself.

Filmed storyboard for the movie KICKBACK


kickback_scoring_orchestra_by_Pedro_Celli.wmv trailer for US feature film production
click on image to download and view

Check out the orchestral score I have created for the opening scene of the filmed storyboard of the feature film titled: KICKBACK.
KICKBACK is a new production from TALKING LENS, a production company located in the UK. Enjoy watching the video on the reel page

Worldfest International Film Festival, Houston, Texas

Treasure Of Albion has received a Bronze 'REMI' Award at the Worldfest International Film Festival, Houston, Texas.

"Finding Esther" - successful theater premiere


FINDING ESTHER has passed post production stage. The movie already had a successful theater premiere.

"Treasure Of Albion" - premiered at BAFTA in London


TREASURE OF ALBION is a youth action "feel-good" film that is sure to capture the imagination of a wide-ranging family audience. An escapist adventure film about a quest for the legendary lost treasure of British Kings. A story about treasure hunts, knights, quad bike races, microlights and foodfights. Youngsters at an outdoor pursuits centre find clues that lead to the lost Treasure of Albion. There is an evil corporation led by Harvey Van Bolingbroke, played by Todd Carty that is hell bent on stealing Britain's greatest treasure. It is left up to the youngsters to outwit Bolingbroke and save the treasure.