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Welcome to my website!

My name is Pedro Celli. I'm a professional composer and music producer.
I have spent decades in writing and performing music.
My first instrument is the piano but I do also play alto-saxophone, soprano-sax, flute and clarinet

At Your Service!

You may expect the following services in a reliable timeframe even on tight timelines or budgets

Customized Score

Perfect suited score for your movie, commercial or media production.

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Music Library

More than 1000 top quality ready to use soundtracks in various musical styles.

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Orchestra Arrangements

Your new song will sound great with string tracks or full orchestra

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Solo & Improvisation

You have produced a song and want to have a nice saxophone or flute melody line or a solo performed on top of your track

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Music for Computer Games

Composing and programming interactive music for computer games

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Audio & Sound Design

Versatile sound design and audio correction resp. enhancement

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Customized original Score

You may expect a topnotch score for a great variety of media productions in many musical styles from me. With decades of experience, either, as composer and performing musician I have constantely expanded my musical horizon.
By hiring me you'll take advantage of all that experience. I'm an open minded collaborator and can quickly adapt to almost any given style of music.
Being a classical trained composer I also can handle complex orchestrations.
Feature or short films, commercials, musical theatre, ballet and contemporary dancing, computer games... whatsoever, you will get first class music, developed under your personal direction!

Here's my offer to you:

• flexible and competitive price for the creation of a fully customized score

• optional package deal including all audio work (sound FX, mixing and audio make up)

• grand variety of musical styles

• reliable communication and telecommuting with international clients

• quick turnarounds and delivering on tight production timetables

• willing to travel worldwide and work at the location of the production

Call me today to speak about your production and the musical outline!

Music Library

Visit my Music Library to browse, download and listen to over 1000! ready to use top quality soundtracks.
Make use of my search form to quickly find what you're looking for.

Contact me anytime if you want to acquire a license to use one of my compositions with a production of yours!

Reduced price for non-profit productions!

You're a student or you are directing a non-profit production? Call me, I offer a discounted rate on music licensing for non-profit, student or high-school film productions.
Simply send a request via email and I will tell you if your pending production fulfills the requirements to apply for this type of music license.

Orchestra Arrangements

I can create full fledged orchestra or string arrangements for any given audio production.
You will be amazed as to how you can boost your recorded song by adding a professional arranged orchestra or string track to it.

You get a nice orchestra sound on your record for less than you probably think it costs, because It all can be done over the Internet.

All I need to get going is the final mix of your song and some instructions on your side or you let me work completely alone if you prefer.

Just to avoid any confusion, naturally the copyright of your song will be kept by you.

Drop me a message if you are interested!

Solo & Improvisation

You have produced a song and now want to have some melody lines or a solo performance?

I'm a professional alto-saxophone, soprano-saxophone and flute player. If you are looking for those instruments to be performed live on your song, just call me, we can realize this in no time by telecommuting!
All I gonna need is the final mix of your song and some instructions on your side.
After I finished recording you can get either, a high quality clean resp. dry recording and optional a mixed version with fx (reverb, delay etc.)

Listen to three songs where I do play the alto-saxophone and some flute notes.
The linked songs are from a Film-Noir like Jazz score I composed for the short film "A Church of Cards" directed by Katelyn Thomas.




Katelyn Thomas is an American Film Director and producer. She won film awards for "A Church of Cards", while a film and television student at New York University's Tisch School of Arts.
The film was featured in NYU's Sight & Sound Showcase as one of the top twenty films in 2013.
The 50's Film-Noir style of music was quite a challange which I enjoyed working at.

Kate was very satisfied with the score.
Here are her own words as to the final score:

Pedro, Just wanted to tell you that I finally got to listen to a mix of the music and it sounds so good!!! Amazing job!!!

If you want some sax or flute, do not hesitate, let'sget in touch and talk about your musical project!

Music for Computer Games

You need music for a computer game? You can have everything, from licensing of affordable ready to use soundtracks over customized development of a game score to sophisticated interactive music design, composition and programming.

I have some solid knowledge in software development in C, C++, Java and several script languages.
That experience enables me to get quickly into a given new game development workspace to serve your needs.

Let's talk about your new games musical demands!

Audio & Sound Design

I offer complete audio and sound design service to: clean, enhance and boost audio track(s) of any given film or media production.

You may hire me for sound design only, or we may set up a package deal which will include all scoring and audio work.

A package deal can save you quite a nice sum of money and you need not bother with contracting and directing two people as for sound and music. You will get the final soundtrack all out of one contractor.
Especially with short films and trailers, this is a good way to get a fluent, neat and perfectly fitting soundtrack at an affordable rate.

Contact me today if you want me to do the audio work and sound design on your new project!