Orchestral Work

This page is an introduction on my independent orchestra works.
The first project I'm gonna publish has been launched under the working title "EVOLUTION". It's a work in progress inspired and partially based on my piano improvisations from the "CIVILIZATION" CD.

Check out the new enchanting yet passionate sketch for the Evolution prelude

NEW EVO_prelude_draft_01.mp3
(2:12 min/sec 2 MB)

Listen to two orchestrations and the underlying piano records below:

Second movement, first orchestration draft:
(6:08 min/sec 5.6 MB)

The corresponding original piano music:
(6:04 min/sec 5.6 MB)

First movement, first orchestration draft:
(09:19 min/sec 8.5 MB)

The original piano music:
(6:37 min/sec 6.1 MB)

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The idea for the evolution project originally came up during the recording sessions for the CIVILIZATION CD.
Where the first piano solo CD MOMENTS had a strong Jazz attitude, the CIVILIZATION CD turned out to have a way more classical approach as to harmonization and chord progression.
While listening to the first recordings I immediately realized the great orchestration potential that lies in the colorful and lively movements of the score. So I decided to orchestrate the original musical score from the piano recordings.
Due to the constantly changing moods of the recording and the playful or rhytmically parts of the piece I can imagine the resulting orchestral work to be very suitable for a contemporary ballet performance or as a subject for a modern dance company.
The title of the project derives from the original CIVILIZATION CD. However, whereas the CIVILIZATION CD is kind of a meditation or reflection on our so called civilization in it's current state, the EVOLUTION PROJECT aims at the human evolution in general.
It shall be a colorful collection of pictures of the sometimes painful yet also funny and even strange development of the human nature, depicting ups and downs and hope and struggle.

Pedro Celli - Piano Improvisations II
"Civilization" ©2004

Let me know if you are interested in this CD and I email you the link to download it for free.